Philippine Arts and Cultural Society (Hong Kong)


Everyone is invited to our upcoming exhibition
November 13 - December 8, 2008
OC Gallery, Olympian City Mall (Olympic Station MTR)
November 16, 2008 - OC Gallery, Olympian City Mall (Olympic Station MTR)
Time : 2:00 - 6:oo pm
Contact : / Tel : (852) 9703 9970

Journeys and awakenings

Think of it as a pause in an ongoing, never-ending journey, a momentary crystallization of vision in an eternity of dreaming and hoping. For Filipino artists based in Hong Kong and those who closely work with them, this is a time for stocktaking, for retracing their footsteps and imagining their future crossings.

For these 15 or so creatives, it is not merely a shift from darkness into light, from unknowing to knowing. This is also a moment for questions, for doubts, for trepidation – for that artistic instinct to search deep within and confront one’s fears and visions, hopes and dreams – the core of the Self. It is that hopeful, anxious moment when an image, an idea, or a vision, hovers between coalescence and dissolution.

It is the moment of awakening – and these are what they have seen...


十五多人的創造力,不僅是將黑暗轉 光明,從不認識到了解,還有化解難題、疑問、惶恐- 不斷搜尋那種藝術的本性及面對個人的恐懼和想法、希望和夢想- 自我中心。希望與焦急的時刻在一個圖像、一個想法、或一個理念,翱翔在結合和化解之間。